Integrative Healing Services:

Integrative Body Work, Remote Healing, Birth & Death Doula, Land Blessings

Shelli Niedens has been practicing integrative healing, holistic medicine, and therapeutic bodywork for more than 20 years. Her sessions combine ancient medicine, physical healing, and spiritual healing with sounds, sensations, and prayers.

Schedule an integrative bodywork session with Shelli Niedens in Steamboat Springs, Colorado or a remote healing session.

Quantum Integrative Body Work

These sessions include Quantum Shiatsu, vibrational sound healing, energy work, and traditional massage therapy. Each session is met with a sense of “prayer” and deep gratitude for sharing space with another Sacred Being. Sessions are 90 minutes -120 minutes.

Remote Healing Services

If you are unable to visit my studio in Steamboat Springs, we can facilitate deep connection and energetic healing virtually. In a remote healing session, we will intuitively navigate your energetic state through medicine songs, sound healing, and divine conversation with the universe.

Ritual & Circle Practices

Allow me to prepare for you a ritual package to enjoy in the comfort of your own space. These kits may include purposefully selected incense and resins, essential oils, stones and crystals, custom crafted art pieces, poetry, mantras, prayers, medicine cards, and more.

Birth & Death Doula

There are few things more sacred than beginnings and endings. As a birth doula and death doula, I work with individuals and families making these incredible transitions. These sessions include integrative body work, sound healing, medicine songs, and prayer. Death doula sessions are available for sacred pets as well.

“It is hard to put into words the way that Shelli’s work has impacted my life. The work she has done with me on her table has healed my heart, soul and body on many occasions. Every time I leave her office, I feel physically and emotionally “lighter”. I have cried and laughed in her office, releasing emotional trauma and stress that has been trapped as pain in my body. I have been to many types of eastern and western health practitioners and none can compare to this amazing woman. Shelli has a phenomenal intuition for healing that I have never seen before. She uses an impressively creative array of healing methods including sound therapy, soulful singing of medicine songs, quantum shiatsu, traditional massage and many other techniques. She gently encourages my participation in the process in a holistic and collaborative way that results in a highly effective outcome, healing from both the inside and outside. I feel incredibly safe and comfortable in the hands of this medicine woman who exudes unconditional love and compassion. I am so grateful for the impact she has had on my life.” -J.A.