Hello there, my name is Shelli Niedens, a bright-spirited woman living in the lovely, magical mountains of Steamboat Springs, CO. I believe I am here to share love, to share light, with the Earth, and all it’s inhabitants.

Meditation is showing me a path to the teacher within. I love playing with the rhythms of the mountains; hiking, camping, sitting around a fire, and being in the water. And creating art; being in the garden, creating “feel good” spaces in my home and yard, yummy dinner gatherings with delightful friends, dancing, laughing, bodywork, yoga, crafting, painting, and making pottery.

I LOVE LOVE, and express it in sooo many ways.

A Wisconsin native, who grew up exploring the woods, lakes, and gardens. I definitely had my share of bruises, always had my hands in the dirt, the water, in Grandma’s and ma’s paints, and in Dad’s many tools and gadgets in the garage.

Though I looooved Wisconsin, at 21 years of age I packed a small trailer, and set off to live and adventure in Colorado where I would attend the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, CO.

Now I have been a bodyworker, a massage therapist, for more than 20 years.

Through MANY twists and turns, some that brought me to the rawest, darkest times, I found LIGHT within. Sometime around 13 or so years ago I began “sitting” with my Swami, my teacher, my friend, beloved Samir.

I was offered, never told what to do, but offered tools to grow, to open my heart, to speak and learn of my truths, and to see that this journey is my life.

I learned of meditations, of Osho, of darkness and light and “the Path of Love”.

As life offered powerful, and painful changing tides, again I listened and heard. This has been and will continue to be my medicine. It is how I grow, when I choose to embrace these experiences.

As I expand, filling with love & light, I find the courage to share and offer this possibility of healing, of finding the teacher WITHIN, with deep honor and gratitude.

May the blessings BE :).

Much love, galactic hugs,